Dunwoody Urgent Care
is temporarily closed due to weather-related damages.  We are working hard to restore the clinic as quickly as possible.  Please keep checking the website for the most current information.

We appreciate your understanding and we look forward to caring for you again soon.

Dunwoody Urgent Care


Water Damage

Due to extreme low temperatures, we had a burst pipe in our Dunwoody office on December 25th. Merry Christmas! After cleaning up the water, it appeared the damage was minimal, and we would be able to reopen our office by New Year’s Day.

However, once the repair work began more and more damage was uncovered. As you can see from the picture, we are having to replace the flooring, lower cabinets, sheetrock and trim.

As of mid-January, we have the plans in place for all the repairs needed, and hope to re-open in mid to late February.

We look forward to offering the same excellent care in our new space!

Ready for Repairs